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The Decisive Life

Our mission is to help people, including ourselves, realize our potential and purpose in life. Every day we have a choice. We decide what we do whether we realize it or not. We have a huge hand in designing our lives. Certainly there are limits, but understanding our aspirations and barriers can help design a path to achieve real dreams. For us, traveling for a year was what we wanted and felt called to do.

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Madrid, Spain

While you may not be called to quit your job and travel, everyone has something extraordinary to choose to do, whether it’s being a parent, counseling a friend, starting a business, or anything else that makes you come alive. It’s your life to learn and grow. And not allow yourself to live how you think the world wants you to. Or not thinking about how you want to live at all.

You can ultimately decide how you use your time, treasures, and talents. And we’re here to continue the discussion of moving from a passive life design to an active, decisive one.

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Main Contributor

  • Spotted regularly with a cup of tea
  • Runs late more frequently than a clock
  • Enjoys helping others find the beauty in their life’s path
  • Energized by activity and the outdoors
  • Seven years of human resources experience
  • Has assisted hundreds in finding the next step in their work
  • Likes to dig for potatoes in Northern Tuscany



  • Madly skilled at ultimate frisbee
  • All-star husband
  • Enjoys misplacing things like passports and credit cards
  • Always looking for ways to serve others
  • Finds tranquility in the outdoors
  • Former Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala
  • Likes to clean off clay-covered potatoes in Northern Tuscany

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